Why FD-Exchange.com...?

"At FD-Exchange.com we specialise in the selection and recruitment of senior finance executives.

We do not try to be "all things to all people" and instead focus on a very key position within any large or medium sized organisation's board: the CFO or Financial Director.

Our vetting procedure and system of selection is rigorous and you can be assured that we will NOT just throw resume's in all directions until one sticks.

Our whole ethos is to ensure that you as the client are provided with the highest calibre of finance professional as specified by YOU. We in turn will act professionally at all times and will endeavour to meet face-to-face with any candidates which we put forward to ensure that we do our job in ensuring that they match the requirements which you have laid out!

Our strong web presence does not mean we are just a faceless jobs board!"

Neil Tyagi

Chief Executive (FD-Exchange.com)

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